IBH Integrated Behavioral Health

Products & Services

IBH designs, develops and operates products and services that allow its clients to balance objectives and risk without sacrificing access or necessary utilization. IBH's goal is to deliver optimum value to both the health plan sponsor and its members and families. The IBH products can be purchased independently or bundled together. IBH brands the bundled services WellBalance. WellBalance produces the greatest degree of product integration and cost-effectiveness.

Employee Assistance Plans

These services help employees and their families with problems in living and work, such as communication, interpersonal relations, stress, financial or legal problems, substance abuse. Assessment, referral and brief problem resolution are provided either independently or as an integrated component of a behavioral health plan. EAP also includes work place performance, employee education, prevention, intervention services and SAP services for drug free workplace programs. IBH provides on-site management training, employee seminars and critical incident services.

Work - Life Resources

Work-Life Resources are available to Fortune 1000 employers, business coalitions, and insurance companies. IBH work life services provide employees, at no cost, information and referral to life cycle services. The work life program has a wide variety of written, audio, and video material available that address inquiries about children, adolescents, adults, education, life transitions, seniors, and health issues.